Los Angeles/ Palm Springs/ Las Vegas

It’s December, and back home the snow has finally settled in for the winter. What a perfect time to get out of here and fly to California!
We flew into Palm Springs, where we picked up our rental car – a white jaguar! Jesse couldn’t be more excited to drive this beauty around California for the next 7 days!


After picking up the car, we made our way to LA to catch an LA kings game. It was a Thursday night and downtown LA was insane. People and cars everywhere – I had no idea NHL was so popular in California. The arena was packed, you could feel the excitement in the air. Most of the fans were dressed in LA kings jerseys and hats.


We spent the next day driving around different areas in LA. We stopped at the Santa Monica pier and took some pictures and then made our way over to Venice beach. I found both areas to be run down and different than I would have expected. We finished the day with heading back to Palm Springs.


A Palm Springs local recommended we check out Indian Canyons – Seven Sisters trail. The hike was roughly 7km long. The trail was in the desert and followed alongside a creek. This was a captivating landscape, from desert to palm trees. The palm trees followed the creek side, up the mountain. This was one of my all time favourite hikes! The hike was challenging but manageable! Don’t forget to bring water!


The next day, we decided to take a quick day trip to the San Diego Zoo. This zoo is said to be the largest in the world. You could easily spend an entire day exploring the grounds. This is a great activity for anyone!


Lastly, we headed to Las Vegas. We checked in at the Paris hotel, which had spectacular views of the strip! December is a slow month for LV, which meant no crowds or lineups for us!


The first night we check out the LV Knights. What an experience! I am not someone who loves hockey, however the venue does an incredible job at keeping the fans entertained and engaged throughout the game! Our last night, as per many recommendations, we went to see Absinthe! The show was AMAZING! The show encompasses a variety of entertainment. From raunchy comedy to tap dancing and everything in between, this show is sure to keep you mesmerized!





Next up : Chile. Stay tuned for updates on our South American adventure!!

9 thoughts on “Los Angeles/ Palm Springs/ Las Vegas

  1. Great start babe. I think its kind of cool

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  2. Love this Meagan !! Such an amazing idea! Can’t wait for more!!!


  3. Super cool! Love hearing about travel experiences! Excited to read more 😊


  4. I’m so excited to keep up with your trips!! Such an amazing idea 🙂


    1. Thank you!! I’m excited to post more!


  5. This is great meg! 🙂 definelty a great idea!! Can’t wait to read about Chile and your other crazy adventures to come!! ❤


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