Cabo San Lucas

What’s not to love about Mexico – great weather, tacos and margaritas! That’s my kind of place.
Jesse and I decided to embark on our first trip together. Little did we know a year later we would have travelled to so many destinations.


We decided to try something a little unorthodox. We didn’t want to stay at an all inclusive for a week and spend all our time at a resort. We wanted to experience what Los Cabos really had to offer. We decided to rent an Airbnb just outside of downtown and rent a car to get around.
Our condo was perfect. We were on the top floor with two balconies and INCREDIBLE views of the waterfront.


A couple days in, we went on a road trip to explore the coast. We somehow ended up down some unmarked road along the Sea of Cortez. Our car wasn’t made for off-roading but we somehow managed anyways! We eventually came across this unexpected modern architectural hotel, named Vidasoul. There was a young man who greeted us in the front and gave us a tour of the property and then sat us down for lunch. We had chicken and fish tacos for lunch and agreed these were the best tacos we had in Mexico. This quaint hotel was off the beaten path, in the middle of nowhere and offered a unique experience!

We continued our journey which included hiking, renting a scooter and exploring Cabo San Lucas!

One afternoon, I decided we should get on a boat and head to the famous arch. Although this seemed like a good idea from land, we quickly regretted our decision once at sea. The ocean was choppy and we both became sea sick. The boat was small and flowed with each and every wave. This picture is of us pretending to enjoy the boat ride!


We finished our trip enjoying the beautiful weather, incredible sunsets and tacos (of course). Lots and lots of tacos!




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